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Hearing protection with Bluetooth for music streaming. Xstream connects via Bluetooth to your phone for wireless music streaming and phone calls. Your hearing is protected while you enjoy your favourite music with excellent sound quality, and the built-in speech microphone allows you to make phone calls. A boom-microphone is available as an accessory for those who need clearer speech quality in high noise.

  • Bluetooth® for wireless connection to your mobile phone
  • Unique speaker design with “headphone-class” sound quality for a great listening experience
  • Supports voice assistants such as Apple Siri and Google Assistant
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery, 3-hour fast charging provides up to 50 hours of use
  • USB charging cable included, charge from a wall socket or charge the headset from the USB socket in your PC or car


Bluetooth® offers wireless connection to your mobile phone. Easy set-up and seamless connection. Make phone calls and stream your choice of sound entertainment without ever needing to compromise your safety.

Waterproof to IPX4
Tested and approved to IPX4, meaning that you can use the product in heavy rain.

Voice assistant support
Supports Apple SIRI and Google Assistant. Activate the function and control the music playback or phone call with your voice.

Hands-free phone calls in noise
A built-in speech microphone lets you make phone calls while carrying on with your work. An optional noise cancelling boom-micro-phone is available as an accessory, to enhance the speech quality while working in high noise levels.

Push button controls
Ergonomically designed rubber coated push buttons. Easy to find and operate even when wearing gloves.

USB charging
Batteries are quickly charged with the included USB charging cable. Just plug it in to a USB source or use your mobile phone wall socket adaptor.

Designed for music listening
Developed with music listening in focus. The excellent sound quality is achieved with a patented speaker design that allows you to enjoy headphone-class music listening in a hearing protector.

Battery power-safe function
Automatically shuts off the unit after a period of inactivity. Helps to avoid draining the battery if you forgot to turn it off at the end of the working day.


  • Music streaming with excellent sound quality
  • Easy to operate with push button
  • Comfortable headband with soft padding.


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