Knife Double Holster STK & ELK


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Double holster including the chisel knife STK and the electrician’s knife ELK. The chisel knife is a robust knife with V-shaped grinded chisel function. The sharpening of the blades different edges and the design of the handle of the electrician’s knife is optimized for cable stripping. With these 2 knives close at hand, you can be sure to be well-equipped for all tasks. A double holster always allows you to have access to the two knives you use the most, and your job gets done efficiently. The double holster is made from impact-resistant PP plastic, joined by rivets and an elastic loop. Our double holster is also available in many different combinations. Once your knives are worn out, keep the holster and use it again for new knives. A great way to minimize our carbon footprint!


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