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The neckband style hearing protector offers great versatility to the user. A perfect solution when you need hearing protection in combination with bump caps, wide brimmed helmets, helmets without attachment slots or stand-alone face protection. Protection level 2 is suitable for medium to high noise levels, between 90-110 dB. The best choice for noise protection in environments such as building and construction, heavy industrial work and for long term noise exposures.

  • Neckband can be used with helmet or head mounted face protection. Comfortable support strap.
  • The soft Velcro headband fits any head size and keeps an even pressure over head.
  • Colour coding for easy selection and identification.
  • Soft cushions with Smart “Snap-In” System for easy replacement.


Noise Protection Level
Hellberg hearing protectors are divided into three noise protection levels, ranging from low to high noise protection. These are clearly indicated with bright safety colours for easy identification and selection.

Steel wire construction with insulation of the metal parts for non-conductivity. To be worn behind the neck.

Soft velcro support band
The soft support band enhances the fit of the neckband hearing protector. Easy to adjust to any head size and rests lightly on the crown of the head, comfortable to wear the entire working day.

Made of high quality plastic
Durable construction made from thermoplastics that withstand rough environments and variable temperatures without ever loosing its clamping force and flexibility. This non-conductive construction makes it a perfect choice for working close to electrical sources.

Replaceable cushions with “snap-in” system
Comfortable cushions with minimal sweat retention and soft foam fill-ing increases comfort. The snap-in system enables regular replacement for a long-lasting and hygienic product with high performance.


The neckband style hearing protector offers great versatility to the user. The slim profile design increases stability and reduces the risk of snagging in confined areas. The velcro support strap is easily adjustable to any head size and ensures that the hearing protector stays in position.

  • Protection level 1 for low to medium noise
  • Very slim and light weight


  • Protection level 2 for medium to high noise
  • Best choice for high frequency noise


  • Protection level 3 for high to very high noise
  • Best choice for low frequency noise


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