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The helmet mounted earmuff is the ideal choice for any work that requires head and hearing protection. Its durable construction withstands rough environments and the slim design reduces the risk of snagging in branches or confined areas. Protection level 3 is suitable for high to very high noise levels, between 100-115 dB. Fortunately a rare environment for most workers, but the best and only choice when nothing else will do. Protection level 3 is also the best choice when the noise is dominated by low frequencies, a type of noise that masks out speech and other important sounds as well as causing stress and nausea.

  • Slim stirrup design reduces the risk of snagging in confined areas.
  • Colour coding for easy selection and identification.
  • Soft cushions with Smart “Snap-In” System for easy replacement.
  • Fully compatible with Hellberg’s SAFE™ Visor System.


Noise Protection Level
Hellberg hearing protectors are divided into three noise protection levels, ranging from low to high noise protection. These are clearly indicated with bright safety colours for easy identification and selection.

Helmet mounted
Helmet attachment arms with a strong steel spring mechanism, lasting more than 10 000 oscillations which represents normal use of at least 5 years. No exposed metal parts for non-conductivity.

Three wearing positions
Park the hearing protector on the rear of the helmet when not in use, put them in stand-by position slightly off the ears, and push them inwards into working position covering the ears.

Approved with most popular helmets
Hellberg’s helmet-mounted hearing protectors are all approved in combination with most popular safety helmets on the market – more than 45 different models. Always make sure your combination is test-ed and approved before you combine personal protective equipment.

Replaceable cushions with “snap-in” system
Comfortable cushions with minimal sweat retention and soft foam fill-ing increases comfort. The snap-in system enables regular replacement for a long-lasting and hygienic product with high performance.

Integration with face protection
The unique visor integration allows you to combine any of Hellberg’s hearing protectors with face protection.



The Secure helmet mount style hearing protectors offer great comfort and quality to all professional users. The slim profile design increases stability and reduces the risk of snagging in confined areas.

  • Protection level 1 for low to medium noise
  • Very slim and light weight


  • Protection level 2 for medium to high noise
  • Best choice for high frequency noise


  • Protection level 3 for high to very high noise
  • Best choice for low frequency noise


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