Spirit Level Aluminium Libella 2000


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Libella 2000 has a cast and smooth-finished aluminium housing. Crush-proof block vials with very high transparency, durability, a magnifying lens and luminescent reflector. May be supplemented with rails, extensions and gradient wedges – Libella 2000 has a maximum length of 3100 mm, and the option to check inclinations.


  • The radius of the vial is 1000 mm, giving a sensitivity of 2 mm/m.
  • Tolerance in normal position is ±0.25 mm/m, upside down ±0.75 mm/m.
  • The liquid in the vial is a low viscosity coloured oil mixture that gives the bubble optimal freedom of movement.
  • Highly resistant to ultraviolet light and temperature fluctuations.
  • The anti-static properties of the liquid means that the bubble is not affected by static electricity.


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