World-leading certified knee protection.

Our state-of-the-art kneepads incorporate D3O® technology to provide exceptional impact protection and shock absorption. Louise Wilson from the British company D3O® explains how this works.

“D3O® is a unique technology that enables us to create innovative, active materials that react differently depending on the type of forces they are subjected to. The molecules in the material flow with the movements of the user, but upon shock will lock and stiffen to absorb the energy of the impact. This means that we are able to offer a unique combination of comfort and flexibility with extreme protection when it really counts.”

D3O® technology is used in a wide range of body-protection products. It can be found in everything from clothing and footwear for motorcyclists and extreme sports athletes to PPE for the armed forces and the police.

“I think we’ll soon start seeing more solutions in personal protective equipment that are similar to those used for extreme sports, for example when it comes to protecting your head, neck, elbows and hands,” says Louise Wilson from D3O®.

KneeGuard™ and KneeGuard Pro.

Efficient kneepads that stay firmly in position are crucial for reliable knee protection. That is exactly what you get with the Snickers Workwear KneeGuard™ and KneeGuard Pro positioning systems. They allow you to adjust the specially designed kneepads at different heights to ensure correct positioning for maximum protection. The KneeGuard Pro system also features expansion pleats above the knees, ensuring superior protection, comfort and durability.

Choose the right kneepad.

Do you kneel down occasionally or do you spend a lot of time working on your knees? Perhaps you kneel and stand up many times a day? Choose the kneepad that best suits your working situation.

EN 14404 Knee Protection Standard. This standard encompasses the size, force distribution, penetration resistance and user testing of kneepads.

Type 2, Level 1.

Reliable knee protection for craftsmen with a mobile working environment that involves regular kneeling to perform their job. Designed to protect the knees from pebbles, nails and other small objects up to 1 cm on hard and flat surfaces.

Type 2, Level 0.

Effective knee protection for craftsmen who occasionally need to work on their knees indoors. Designed to protect the knees on flat hard surfaces.

Snickers Workwear kneepads are designated and certified together with all Snickers Workwear knee pocket trousers according to EN14404;2010, Type 2. The kneepads are not certified as stand alone product and may not be used for other branded trousers.

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